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    The DataAge has established itself as an expert in Business Intelligence solutions, with more than 12 years of experience in the design, development, and implementation of Data Warehouse solutions in companies in the utility sector.
    A Data Warehouse is a data store or data aggregate that allows companies to have a “Business Intelligence” structure, achieving the management of a large volume of data.

    Our implementation service of a Data Warehouse solution is based on building a data structure appropriate to the client’s business, in order to obtain optimized data management. The grouping criteria for this data (by typology, detailed or historical) allow companies to transform data into business information, resulting in maximum usefulness for the administration and management of the company.

    The DataAge develops the report system that accompanies the solution and is strategic for the company: management dashboards, monitoring of commercial indicators, grouped or detailed operative reports, sales and collection reports with the required openness, and tax reports, among others.


    A Data Warehouse solution allows companies:

    • Continuous availability of company information.
    • Accurate, validated, and controlled information.
    • Report management: management dashboards, predefined reports, creation of new reports according to needs, and reports sent by e-mail.
    • Culture of “self-service” of information by authorized personnel, eliminating dependencies with other company areas.
    • Reduction of report preparation and elaboration times.
    • Data analysis: situation status, definition, and follow-up of strategic lines of business, measurement of indicators, and market evolution, among others.


    • Integration of information from multiple systems into a Data Warehouse as a single data repository for the company.
    • Definition of Data Mart, or information cube, by process or entity.
    • Updating of information in daily processes or in real-time.
    • Design optimal and Dynamic data structures to reduce information access times to information.
    • Availability of historical information at multiple levels of aggregation, from individual transactions to totals by a company or the corresponding segment.
    • Easy report creation.
    • Automatic report generation according to defined schedules, sending information by e-mail.
    • Implementation of Balanced Scorecards (Dashboards / Balanced Scorecards).
    • Complex information extractions, conversions, projections, and simulations.