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    The demanding daily routine of companies leads their personnel to mechanically perform the activities entrusted to them, depriving them of space to analyze their critical processes. This leads to coexistence with problems, whether they are extensive procedures or repetitive tasks that require a significant workload and impact operating costs.
    In order to collaborate with companies overcoming these problems, The DataAge offers the Management Improvement service, which focuses on process reengineering.

    •  The objective of Management Improvement is to achieve effective and efficient processes, positively impacting the company’s image in the eyes of its customers and business results.
    •  The methodology applied is based on reviewing and analyzing company’s processes, measuring workloads, identifying critical points, obtaining the corresponding recommendations for improving workflows, and considering aspects related to resources, procedures, operations, and technology.
    •  Regarding technology, this line of improvement involves incorporating cellular or handheld units into the processes, with their corresponding software application and, in addition, the optimization of computer processes, whether they are actions on software or Database. By promoting these lines of action, companies with medium or large systems can reduce manual processes and data processing times.

    Management Improvement Projects provide companies with the following fundamental benefits:

    •    Increased end-customer satisfaction by optimally meeting and fulfilling their needs.
    •   Improved results, strengthening the dedication and focus in the definition and execution of the strategy defined for the company by achieving better performance in its activities.
    •  Simplification of processes and increased productivity, redefining workflows, either procedurally or by incorporating technological solutions that facilitate tasks and reduce processing times, always guaranteeing control over the process.
    •   Decrease of operating costs through process automation and elimination of activities that do not add value.

    Scope of Management Improvement Projects

    •   Consulting services focused on processes, people, and technological infrastructure.
    •   Detailed analysis of company processes and detection of critical points and bottlenecks.
    •  Re-engineering processes to achieve effective and efficient workflows, reducing business cycle times and ensuring compliance with the end customer’s requirements.
    •  Generation of a culture of monitoring of business indicators: definition of integral scorecards and operational scorecards of the company.
    •  Business Intelligence: use of information for analysis of indicators, evaluation of goal compliance, detailed analysis of deviations, and definition of strategies to promote immediate corrective actions.
    •  Implementation of Standards and Procedures that define the company’s processes’ roles, responsibilities, functions, and guarantees.
    •   Optimization of technological processes:

    •  Identification of possible processes to automate (use of cell phones, handheld terminals) and implementation of associated applications.
    •   Reduction of system response times in online applications and batch processes.
    •   Economic savings by avoiding server capacity increase due to performance issues.
    •   Recommendations of corrections in SQL queries.
    •  Recommendations of possible corrections in defining tables, indexes, and other database structures.