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We present to you with the services offered by The DataAge.

We remain at your disposal to attend to your requirement and propose the solution that best suits your needs.

System Developments

The DataAge develops computer systems that constitute a comprehensive solution for the client’s business. We know how to listen to the client and understand their needs, thus guaranteeing the implementation of a software solution that responds effectively to their requirements.

Business Inteligent

The DataAge has established itself as an expert company in Business Intelligence solutions, with more than 12 years of experience in the design, development, and implementation of Data Warehouse solutions in companies in the utility sector.

Management Improvement

The DataAge offers Management Improvement Projects services. These allow companies to achieve effective and efficient processes, positively impacting the company’s image before its customers and business results.

Call Center

Our Call Center is located in Managua, Nicaragua.

We offer sales, customer, and technical support services.

Technical Support

We provide technical assistance services to companies and individuals to ensure network and computer equipment’s optimal state and maximum performance.