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    The DataAge develops computer systems that constitute a comprehensive solution for the client’s business. We know how to listen to the client and understand their needs, thus guaranteeing the implementation of a software solution that responds effectively to their requirements.
    For each project, The DataAge applies the methodology that best suits the project to guarantee the development of the solution, satisfactorily fulfilling the following objectives:

    •   Having a quality product delivered on time.
    •   Effectively and efficiently fulfill the client’s requirements.
    •   Obtaining an integral solution: accurate, reliable, secure, and scalable.
    •   Documenting the product.
    •   Training system users.
    •   Accompanying the client and their company during the product implementation.


    •   Obtaining a reliable product adapted to the costumer’s needs.
    •   Optimization of processes and reduction of task times.
    •   Optimization of resources and reduction of operating costs.
    •   Traceability of transactions.
    •   Process control.
    •   Availability of information for Business Intelligence: conducting strategic business analysis, decision making, managerial reporting, monitoring of processes, and operational planning of the company.


    •   Cutting-edge technology.
    •   Secure database management.
    •  Platform integration: servers, mobiles devices, computers, handheld devices, and web applications, among others.
    •   Dynamic and configurable solutions.