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    We provide technical assistance services to companies and individuals to ensure the optimal state and maximum performance of networks and computer equipment.
    Our specialized team is trained and expert in technical solutions to meet the current technological demand.
    We are committed to our customers, ensuring quality and optimal response times in each of the jobs we carried out.

    Maintenance and repair of computer equipment

    To obtain the longest useful life of computer equipment, we offer equipment enhancement services and preventive and corrective services.
    Some of the most requested activities are listed below.
    Equipment enhancement

    •    Improving computer performance.

    Preventive Maintenance


    •    Improving computer performance.
    •    Adjustment of screen hinges.
    •    Processor cooling.


    •    Operating system update (*).
    •    Antivirus update (*).

    Corrective Maintenance


    •    General diagnosis.
    •    Corrective action as appropriate (electrical, electronic, or physical failures).


    •    Data backup.
    •    Operating system reinstallation (*).
    •    Installation of applications (Office 365, Adobe, etc.) (*).
    •    Disinfection of computer viruses.

    Integrated technical solutions for businesses or homes

    •    Structured cabling.
    •    Data Processing Center organization.
    •    Logical network design (voice and data).
    •    Network security configuration.
    •    Configuration of service servers.
    •    Virtualization server configuration.
    •    Power backup solutions.
    •    Data backup system.
    •    Workstation configuration (*).
    •    Support for installation of drivers and various configurations.
    •    Security camera installation.

    (*) Explanatory note: customers will provide licenses.
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